Good News, Bad News

Here I am on Day 21 of the 90DaySSSPlan and it’s been going quite well. Before the end of my second week, I’d lost 6lbs and was thrilled, but then things really started to slow down. I’d had a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend (but didn’t have a blowout of old) and ended up putting 2lbs back on. I was so disappointed, but determined to get back to the weight-loss rate I’d had at the beginning.

Nothing was working though and, by the end of week 3, I’ve only lost 5lbs in total. Could a few glasses of wine on one occasion really make all that difference? 

I blamed myself for being weak. I blamed my age and my reducing metabolic rate in my 40s. I blamed Joe Wicks’ Plan. 

Despite the small loss, my weekly photos showed a difference in my body. The differences in front and side view were minimal, but my back view has changed considerably. Maybe one day I’ll share those pics, but definitely not now.

So, it could be said that the 3 week period has been a success. There’s no denying a positive difference in photos!

But here’s the rub…

I was weighing out some turkey mince tonight and was furious that the store I’d bought it from claimed in was 450g when, according to my scales, it was less than 300g! I was ready for complaining, but was compelled to investigate further. It transpired that my scales are completely wrong and… wait for it…

I’ve been eating 40% – 50% MORE FOOD than I should have been!!! For THREE WEEKS!!

I am devastated! How cheated I feel! I didn’t even want the extra food – if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been having trouble with nausea due to the portion sizes. I couldn’t understand why I was the only one who felt sick after every meal as I’ve never had a small appetite (hence the reason I’m on this plan now). No bloody wonder I felt sick!

And no bloody wonder I started putting weight back on!

I’ve emailed my Body Coach contact but no response yet, so I’m not sure what their advice will be. I’m thinking of sticking with Phase One for an extra week, at least – possibly two. Let’s wait and see what they say.

One thing this episode has done for me is to re-focus me. I’m excited again about what I can do when I eat the correct portion sizes. If my photos show the progress with all that extra food, just think what they’ll show soon. 

I can’t wait!


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