Seven Days Down, 83 To Go

I’m pleased to say that, despite doubts (all my own), I’ve successfully completed my first week of 90DaySSSPlan!!
I expected it to be really difficult, quite unpleasant at times and I definitely expected to be hungry, a lot! I can honestly say, however, the plan didn’t match those expectations. 
The most difficult part, in my opinion, is the organisation and meal prep – I’ve still not quite got the hang of that yet. When I get up late, or when I’m held up by family life, I can’t just grab a couple of slices of toast or a cereal bar for breakfast. When I forgot to plan lunch, I can’t just pop out of the office to pick up a sandwich and I find that a challenge.
The second most difficult thing about this plan is the vastness of the amount of food that I MUST eat. I’d have laughed if you’d told me I’d say that! Ok, so I’m not a complete gannet, but I’ve a ‘healthy appetite’ (as the phrase goes) and very rarely leave anything on my plate (and regularly go back for seconds). Any weight loss plan I’ve ever done has never provided me with enough food, therefore, losing weight = being hungry, to me. So, feeling full, sometimes to the point of nausea, whilst on a weight loss plan seems weird and I’m still not quite used to it. In my ‘past life’, I’d occasionally feel like that – perhaps after an Indian takeaway or a full 3 or 4 course meal – and then I’d always feel pretty disgusted at myself and my sheer greed. These days though, I feel full up like that at some point on most days.
I’ve found a solution to the overly-full feeling. I’m having a GoGoGreen Smoothie for one meal (usually lunch) most days. It’s an acquired taste. I wasn’t too sure at first, especially since we had no ice and it turned out to be a sludge-green, room-temperature gloop. With ice and now that I’m used to the taste, I actually like it (but despite my coaxing, my family DOESN’T feel the same šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚).
I’ve also dropped by post-workout BCAA Shake. I still have the pre-workout BCAA shake and a post-workout protein shake, but the third shake was just too much, along with all the water I’m drinking.
So to end this update, I have to admit that yes, I stood on that Sad Step this morning. Not only am I three pounds down, I feel slimmer around my waist. No one else can see it yet (that’s okay) but I’m sure I can feel it. All in all, I feel great! I feel proud that I’ve completed week one (only 11-ish more to go, or, to be more exact, 7 days down, 83 to go) and I feel motivated to keep going!


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