90 Day SSS Plan – Love/Hate?

I’m 4 days in to the 90 Day SSS Plan and I thought I’d share some of my experience so far.My pre-plan blowout of wine and crisps on the night before I started left me a little delicate on my first morning, to say the least. It’s not quite in the spirit of the healthy lifestyle I’m trying to follow but I’m afraid my mind works like that – something I’m trying to change. 
My first HIIT workout was hell on earth – a combination of being slightly hungover, very tired and extremely unfit did not mix well and, despite being used to working out on a cross-trainer, I haven’t worked out like that in a long time! At one point, I honestly thought I’d faint so, instead of giving up (like I’d normally do), I started leaning to the side so that if I did faint, I’d faint onto my bed. 😂😂 How’s that for commitment?

So what have I loved so far?

– I’ve loved never having to feel hungry – the only time I’ve been hungry was due to bad time management so it was completely my fault. I was away from home for longer than I expected so had to wait AGES for dinner. Happens to everyone at times, right?

– I’ve loved never having felt bloated once, something I regularly get under ‘normal’ circumstances. 

– I’ve loved the choice of meals. They are easy to prepare and taste amazing

– I’ve loved that my family like the meals too so, for the most part, I haven’t been cooking different meals (though they’ve had additions, like baked potatoes, etc).

– I’ve loved the flexibility. I like to have a snack in the evenings and that’s one thing I thought I’d have to give up, however, the plan says I can eat my meals whenever I want, with few exceptions (ie, the shakes around the workouts and high carb meal within 90 mins of working out, which I’ll mention later).

– I’ve loved that I can use sugar-free squash in some of my water intake. I don’t use it much but it’s great to have it as a back up when you’re sick and tired of water!

– I love the flexibility of the HIIT workouts. I don’t HAVE TO follow a set plan (yet?). So far, I’ve used my cross trainer and Joe Wicks’ youtube HIIT session. I’ll mix it up a bit as I go but, right now, I’m enjoying it, despite the toughness of the workouts.

AND what have I hated?

To be absolutely honest, there’s nothing I’ve hated, so far. There have, however, been times that haven’t felt great.

– I’m struggling with the amount of food that I NEED to eat and there have been times when I’ve not managed it all. For example, 165g of low-fat cottage cheese is a lot! So is 105g of raw spinach! So eating everything has been hard (for me, impossible at times).

– A BCAA shake 15-30 mins before a workout, water throughout my workout, then a BCAA shake AND a protein shake within 15 mins of my workout is difficult to take and I feel quite sick afterwards. I asked Joe Wicks, via Twitter, if I could drop one and he reminded me that all the supplements are optional, however, I want to give myself the best chance of success so will persevere with this for as long as I can. Perhaps I’ll get used to it.

– And finally, I’m hating that, after 4 days, I’m not skinny yet!! 😂😂

I have to admit that I’m worried. Clearly, after 4 days, I can’t see any progress, but I am concerned that there will be no progress at all, based on how full up I feel. I just can’t imagine losing weight on this amount of food. I am, however, putting my faith in The Body Coach and sticking to this rigidly (or as rigidly as I possibly can). Only time will tell…


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