Seven-Minute Challenge!

Have you ever heard of the Seven-Minute Challenge?

This is a fantastic way of getting the kids involved in helping you around the house and the idea is that any room can be tidied in the space of 7 minutes.

OK, so will it be spotless? No. Will it be cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, etc? No. But it will be in a much better state than you found it and the cleaning, dusting, vacuuming comes later. Right?

This is a brilliant way to get little kids, and big ones, helping around the house. Seven minutes is long enough to make a difference but not too long that the littlest ones get bored and wander off. Also, if you’re doing this with bigger kids, 7 minutes doesn’t seem so long that they’re put off before they begin.

You’ll need to plan this in advance:

– tell the kids that you’re all going to do it, how much fun it will be, ask them how much difference do you think we can make?

– Take ‘before’ pics together.

– Get some fast, funky music ready

– Have some bin bags at the ready

– Set up a stop watch

– 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!!!

Make this fun. Whoop and cheer when someone is doing well. Yell encouragement if they’re going slow, make it a race – “I’ll get this bit finished before you do that bit!”

Believe me, 7 minutes will fly by. They’ll be hot, a little out of breath and SO PROUD of what they’ve achieved with you.

If there’s something that needs tidied away into another room, leave it by the door. You don’t have time for that. We’re dealing with THIS room right now. As the adult, at the end you can put those things away. OR, if you move them into the hallway, have a 7-Minute Challenge for there.

At the end, take your ‘after’ pics. Print them out if you can and encourage them to show Daddy, Gran, friends, of how good they’ve been and what a great job they did!

The kids will be raring to go and do another room, but beware, do this too often and the novelty will wear off. Quit while you’re ahead so that, next time, they remember what fun it was, not how fed up they were by the end!!

Good luck!


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