Who Am I?

Can I possibly be the only woman in the world whose identity is tied up in her marriage and her children? Of course not!

I am the proud wife of a Firefighter. My husband is an everyday hero to me, to our children and to countless others whose lives he has saved but whose names he doesn’t know.

I am a proud mother of 5 amazing kids, the eldest 18 and the youngest twins of 2 years old. Each of my kids give me things to be proud of every single day and I’ll share many of these in coming blogs.

We keep hearing that, as women, we can’t have it all. Or, we keep hearing that we can have it all. Which is it?

I want to have it all!! And I want to do so without driving myself insane. But ‘having it all’ means different things to different women and my opinion of this will, undoubtedly, be different to yours.

I want to be the best wife I can be, the best mother, the best person, the fittest and healthiest I can be. I want to be successful in my own right. I want to cook great food and do my nails and have nice hair and have time for great sex. I want to look ok. I want… I want…

So here’s the start of my blogs. I’ll take tips from others, I’ll unapologeticaly give tips of my own and you can take them or leave them. I’m hoping that you’ll take some and share your comments and ideas with me.

Follow me on my journey of trying to be the best I can be and finding our who I really am, behind the title of “A Firefighter’s Wife”.


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